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Selecting a suitable frame takes time and care. We will give honest advice on style and comfort and will always consider which frame is best for your prescription.


We take the look, feel & quality of your glasses very seriously and will measure and fit your glasses to best ensure comfort and good vision. Each pair is checked to confirm that we are happy that they meet our high standards.


Whether a designer or non-designer frame, modern materials now offer a fantastic choice from lightweight titanium for comfort and strength, to plastics with bold, bright colours, and rimless frames for the 'minimal look'.



The vast array of different lenses available these days can seem bewildering. Our dispensing staff have the technical expertise to guide you through the maze of different options – lens types, coatings and materials. Our emphasis is on quality and service, so we ensure you get the best lens for you and your individual lifestyle.

As an independent practice we are not restricted to one lens manufacturer and, although we are an accredited Varilux Specialist Practice for Essilor, we are able to give you a wide choice from across the industry – Zeiss, Nikon, Seiko, Hoya and Rodenstock.

Some of the more popular types of lenses and coatings are:


Should you require different glasses for distance and near vision, we may suggest varifocals. These lenses offer a gradual change in prescription – from distance at the top of the lens, to reading at the bottom – allowing clear vision at all distances, but without any visible dividing lines (unlike bifocals).

However, the variations in varifocal design between different manufacturers can be quite dramatic. The sizes of the portions of the lens for reading, distance and intermediate vision are all different, as well as the degree of distortion around the edge of the lenses.


These lenses do have a visible dividing line between the distance and reading portions, but they have less distortion on the edges of the lens and the reading area can be larger than that of a varifocal.

High Index Lenses

These lenses are up to 45% thinner and lighter than standard plastic ones. Most of these lenses are coated with anti-reflection and it is possible to have them tinted or photochromic, just like standard lenses.

Anti Reflection

This is a coating that reduces the glare from headlamps and streetlights. The lenses look clearer and more transparent because reflections are reduced and the lens transmits more light through it. It is now possible to combine this type of coating with 100% UV protection.


Over the years, the ultraviolet (UV) rays in sunlight can cause damage to the inside of the eye (e.g cataracts & macular degeneration). We can help you reduce the risk of this type of damage by adding a special filter to your lenses whether they are tinted or clear, with or without a prescription. All of our sunglasses completely block UV rays.


It is possible to have a tint as light or dark as you want and there is a huge choice of colours and effects. Complete UV protection can be achieved by adding a special filter to the lens.


These lenses get darker when they are exposed to sunlight. Most importantly they give complete protection against UV rays, but with the added advantages of sunglasses and ordinary glasses in one pair. Most types of lens have a photochromic option.


Although plastic lenses have the advantage of being lighter and safer than glass ones, they can scratch more easily. By applying a hard layer to the surface of plastic lenses, this problem can be minimised.


We all know that ultraviolet rays in sunlight can damage our skin and we take steps to prevent this. If we are not careful our eyes, in the same way, can suffer irreversible damage, children's eyes being particularly vulnerable.

We can help you to reduce that risk by providing modern sunglasses for adults and cool shades for kids – with and without prescription lenses – all of which feature 100% UV protection. We can also supply polarising lenses ideal for skiing, fishing, sailing etc.


Lenses that are polarised reduce glare from reflective surfaces like wet roads, snow, white concrete and the surface of the sea. By cutting glare in this way the resulting increase in contrast gives a clearer, sharper vision which also enhances colour perception.


We can supply specialised frames, lenses and sunglasses to support you in your chosen sport. Whether it's cycling, running, golf, fishing, shooting or cricket. In fact anything from prescription inserts for ski & scuba masks, through to snooker glasses and squash & swimming goggles.

Designer Brands

  • Adidas
  • Animal
  • Austin Reed
  • Bench
  • Elle
  • Lee Cooper
  • Nike
  • Pepe Jeans
  • ProDesign
  • Silhouette
  • Star Wars
  • Ted Baker
  • William Morris