Penny & Hayter


Emma Farrier

Optometrist & Partner

Emma has worked extensively in both Australia and the UK in independent optical practices and uses her breadth of experience to ensure the highest professional & clinical standards are achieved in the care of your eyes.

After qualifying from Aston University in 1993 (which included clinical training at Salisbury Odstock Hospital), she practiced in Melbourne for three years. She returned to the UK in 1998, working in independent optical practices in Berkshire and Surrey until she found her professional home at Penny & Hayter in 2006.

In 2002 she undertook post-graduate studies in ocular therapeutics, gaining a deeper insight into ophthalmic diseases including dry eye & glaucoma. She continues her professional development by regularly attending sessions with ophthalmologists in local hospitals.


She says the best part of being an optometrist in an independent practice like Penny & Hayter is being able to offer a continuity of personalised care to patients over many years and, by maintaining good links with local ophthalmologists & GPs, making sure they get the treatment they need as swiftly as possible, should the need arise.

Emma Farrier